Furry Phone Case for Phone Addicted 

Creative Field   Augmented Reality, UX

Time                   20 November, 2016 - 15 December, 2016 

Collaborator  Fan-Hao Tseng

Project Overview

Phone addiction survey in the U.S.

by 15,747 users, 2015; Source: Gallup

According to recent social research, 81% American smartphone owners keep their device with them nearly all the time and they don’t just carry it around; 72% respondents claim to check their smartphone at least once an hour, most of them several times. Young Americans can especially hardly keep their eyes away from their phone screen. 22% of 18 to 29-year-olds glimpse at their phone every few minutes and another 51% do so several times an hour. 





Overuse of smartphones can result in a number of harmful effects. 


Physical Problems

  • Eye strain
  • Neck problems
  • illnesses due to germs

Mental Problems

  • Sleep disturbances
  • Depression
  • Obsessive compulsive disorder
  • Anxiousness


Damage offline relationships

Car accidents



Research and analyze

After we interviewed 8 people (male: 4, female: 4, average age 25) , we discover that 

A. People's phone-addicted behavior can be classified under three types: 

Social Anxiety

“I don’t want people to feel I have nothing to do, I need to pretend I am doing something

“When I feel awkward or feel tired to be social, I hide into my phone…...”

Unconscious behavior

“I just need something in my hand...”

“...just like touching my necklace, biting my nail….it becomes one of my unconscious behavior.”

Information Anxiety

“It’s the easiest way to acquire new information, I can’t help to use it... ”

“Tons of new information and connections in it, I cannot live without it…”

B. Touching furry things is a common unconscious behavior for most people and also is a way to release their anxieties. 



According to Charles Duhrigg's research, there is a three part loop to forming habits: cue/trigger-routine-reward. In our case, the trigger of phone-addicted behavior are anxieties and unconscious body movement, and the relaxation is the "reward" of this habit. Therefore, we decided to create a phone case with furry material to replace people's old habit. 




user test

Average usage (mins/day)

Average pick up number (per day)



Behavior replacement The unconscious behavior of checking the phone could be replaced by touching the furry phone case. 

The potential of materials and the sense of touch Most people are eager to touch furry things since it makes them feel comfortable; they also like to try various materials. 

The role of phone is changeable Touching furry phone cases reminds them the feeling of keeping lovely pets, which may change the relationship between the phone and themselves.  


FINAL Design


**The thumbnail of this page was taken by Antoine Geiger.