Back to 318

Creative Field    Virtual Reality and journalism

Time       20 September - 15 October, 2016


Project overview

On March 18th, 2014, several hundred students and their supporters occupied Taiwan’s parliament for three weeks. The goal of the occupation was to ask the Taiwanese government to rethink their trade agreement with China. 500000 people joined the protest during the movement; over one thousand of people "occupied" the Parliament for a month. 

The 318 movement in 2014 had a huge impact to Taiwanese society, in social, political, and cultural aspects. It changed young generation’s political and national identities, influenced the presidential election result and created a new mode of social movement, such as utilizing new technology and taking peaceful occupation. 

During the time, the supporters in the parliament took peaceful and well-organized approach for occupation. They organized leadership positions, medical emergencies, supply chains, media section, translation section, law consulting section, makeshift kitchens, recycling centers, libraries, art studios, biography section, stations for recharging electronic gear, technical section in different areas. The parliament turned into a “little country” for a peaceful long-term occupation.

The 318 movement, therefore, was a social movement of space. The supporters from various backgrounds created stories in different areas in the narrow space. The “Back to 318 VR project” tries to represent the movement in the VR environment. The player can experience the movement again spacially and listen to supporters' stories once again.


User Journey & Spatial Map

360 photo credits: Lin Nung-Yao