Social VR PROject: 


Creative Field    VR, social VR

Time                   11 December, 2016


Team   Yun Li (Developer), Kylin Chen (3D model and Interaction Designer), Yue Hu (3D model and Interaction Designer)

Role      3D visual and Interaction Designer

Project overview

“Hamsa” is a social VR game created in the “Reality, Virtually” VR hackathon. Our main goal was to create an asymmetrical social experience in VR. We called the game “Hamsa,” the idea being to create a symbiotic, complementary relationship between two souls put into separate, unequal vessels. By linking Leap Motion and HTC Vive, we generated a mode of interactive communication between two participants: one acting in physical space and the other in virtual reality. “Hamsa” allowed them to collaborate, communicate, and compete in carefully arranged environments, and build their own unique bonds that will last, we hope, into ‘real life.’