Virtual Reality Project


Creative Field    VR, UX, Storytelling, 360 video

Time                    Dec 1 - Dec 15

Showcase          2016 NYU ITP Winter Show                                                   The Virtual Reality Lab's exhibition

Team    Yi-ting Liu (Developer), Xin-gji An (Visual and UX Designer)

Role      Story and UX Designer, 360 video making



“Between” is a virtual reality experience that imagines a human’s “after death experience.” The player acts as an old man who has just died in his house and experiences the separation of his body and soul. He is able to float in the house and read his family’s minds to detect their mixed emotions toward his death. By exploring the items in the house, the player can also trace back to his memories in a vivid manner. In the end, the player will go through a process which will lead him to go to the afterlife. The whole experience aims to create an immersive experience between life and death, body and soul, good and evil, as well as between reality and memory.




Before "death"


We blur the scene to mimic his last glance of the world.

After "death"

Acting as a ghost: SEMI-TRANSPARENT Body


Recalling memories in immersive 360 videos by touching the pictures. 


We reduce motion sickness by decelerating when approaching the target.


Acting as a ghost: Floating from the body.


Spacial Design and Floor Plan

The route we arranged could naturally lead the user to "the hallway to Heaven". 

DIY-VR Final Presentation (7).png